What is it to be a tastemaker? Does it matter where you come from, where you’ve been? Or is it more about the product you’re offering and the way it is presented? What does it take to change people’s opinions and make them support your movement? It is most important when discussing Crunch to identify what has made him who he is. 

Born and raised in Toronto Canada, Crunch has found much of his sound by merging both electronic and hip-hop music to make a highly sought after vibe, much like that of A-trak, Diplo, Premier, and Jazzy Jeff. Currently holding down 5 of the countries best weekly gigs, this trendsetter boasts over 300 shows a year, making him without question one of Canada’s hardest working entertainers. Crunch is a proud member of the Redbull Music Academy and has been chosen as a 3Style Finalist, however Redbull is not the only company he has worked with. Teaming up with companies such as Heineken Music, Smirnoff Experience, Ketel One Vodka, Pardon Le Dopeness, Livestock, & Ortofon, Crunch feels as comfortable in the corporate world as he does in the underground scene

Crunch has toured along side stars from the likes of Justin Bieber to the Weeknd, and has performed at some of North America’s premier events: SXSW, Montreal Grand Prix, TIFF, LG Fashion week, & WMC. The best way to stay up to date with this up and coming Canadian is to follow his blog,, or to download the Dancing Shoe series, a set of monthly podcasts and mixtapes (currently on the 8th volume). Crunch is one of Canada’s fastest rising stars and this tastemaker is in no way just a flash in the pan. Having already made a strong impact in Canada, his eyes are now positioned on the rest of the world, so be ready… Crunch is here to stay. 



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