M Kutz (born Michael Cutrara) is an experimental multi-genre DJ/producer/musician from Toronto, ON. His debut into the DJ scene in 2003 was ignited by his first championship placement in the reclaimed DMC battles. M Kutz began his professional DJ career by manipulating vinyl in the competitive DJ circuit that is better known as the DMCs. The skills gained within the early years of his career allowed M Kutz to bring forward a new sense of direction & versatility to the regular club formatted DJ. His DJ career has also recently transcended into developing his own original productions and well as remixes for other artists & producers across North America.

A typical M Kutz set incorporates the latest techniques of live remixing, on the spot production by utilizing the latest musical movements that are boundless to genre specific orientation. M Kutz reacts to his audience by understanding the event and the demographic of the environment he is situated in. M Kutz’s musical integrity caters to wide variety of audiences by developing a diverse portfolio of music that is reflective of his own unique style.

M Kutz uses his techniques and innovativeness of live remixing, his own productions along with bridging together various genres of music into one big room sound. Performances are designed to captivate, inspire, and create an undeniable electric environment in any atmosphere.