Standing amongst the world’s greatest DJs, Starting From Scratch is Canada’s gold standard. He is one of one, a cultural pillar for millions of music fans across the world with an influence that cannot be denied. Revered as one of the top 100 most powerful people in music, Scratch has anchored Canada’s largest radio stations (Virgin 99.9 FM, Flow 93.5 FM) and continues to push the creative envelop, inspiring a generation of DJs following in his footsteps.

Arguably the most well known DJ to ever come out of Canada, Scratch is far from all flash. With a tireless work ethic, fearless creativity and a scholar-like musical IQ, Scratch’s skills are legendary. From touring with names like Russell Peters, George Lopez, Usher to winning countless awards, DJ Starting From Scratch has taken what was once a hobby to heights few DJs achieve. 

Adding to his already stellar resume, Scratch also worked with artists Kanye West, John Legend & Kardinal Offishall and received gold and platinum plaques for his creative input. With another avenue for his creative instincts to flourish, Scratch became well renowned on both sides of the border as a gatekeeper, influencer and authority on music and cool. 

“I’m not a fan of the spotlight, which is weird because what I do puts me in the spotlight,” admits Scratch. “I like to focus on what I do best: DJing. I’m not Khaled, I’m not Puffy, I’m Scratch and it’s the musical creativity of what I do, all the ranges, all the stages, from comedians to Summer Jam’s to radio to the clubs, that makes my name hold weight. If it involves music, I got you.”