2016 notable awards:

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BLACkberry torch PRODUCT launch events


BlackBerry and their parent manufacturer, Research In Motion, knew that the release of their newest device (The BlackBerry Torch) would mark a monumental shift in the mobile phone industry worldwide. To introduce this new device to their Canadian consumers, BlackBerry held four private engagements across Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Influential members of the BlackBerry community, local celebrities, and top sales reps from across the country were invited to mingle, network, and receive complimentary Torch devices. The 194 Group worked closely with both BlackBerry and their marketing partner Maritz Canada, to provide the most effective and enjoyable musical entertainment at all four events nation-wide.  While traditional turntables were used at each function, BlackBerry Torch devices were also creatively leveraged to mix music in an effort to showcase the device’s versatile and newly designed media player.  The four activations were a huge success across Canada.